Newsletter 2016-35

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Not much has changed since last weeks as far as supplies and prices are concerned.

This week we’d like to pay attention to the following;

-Bosbloemen, a “Celosia” nursery have ended their production for the season. As a result the mixed bunches are no longer available. There are other breeders ofcourse , growing “Celosia”, but they only sell per color. Brand new Celosia varieties however can be bought at the moment.

-Due to the sudden ending of the activities of Esmeralda Farms, “Ozothamus” will no longer be available.

-It’s striking that there’s a shortage of particular varieties of import roses, as for instance; “Mentha, Cappacino Ocean Song, etc”

-We’re heading towards late summer, also known as “Chrysanthemums season”! This fall favorite is available in many colors. The focus is on disbud chrysanthemums and these are slowly but surely increasing in  production.

-The South African “Waxflower” season is heading towards the end. These upcoming weeks we’re expecting diminishing supplies and the “Waxflowers” from Israel are only due in a few months.

Please check our webshop regularly for your updates on stock, prices and offers. Wishing you pleasant business and till next week!

The JAAZ FLOWERS Buying Team

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