Newsletter 2015-32

Little has changed since last week as far as supplies are concerned. Especially on Tuesday and Wednesday flowers are sold at better prices.

This week we’d like to pay attention to the following;

- Last weekend’s summer-storm has clearly left its marks. Especially outdoor growers were affected by the storm as many of the softer varieties suffer from quality problems. Lengthy flowers, such as “Gladiolus, Scabiosa and Aconitum” suffer from bent branches due to the wind. It’s expected to improve during next week.

-Looks like a seasons end for blooming “Nigella”. Last week’s bad weather spells doom for leafs and flowers and quality turned poor. Only the seed pods are of good enough quality to supply.

-Australia’s “Waxflower” season opened again, these next two weeks we can expect the pretty white “Chrystal Pearl” and in limited edition the “Giga pink”. Quality looks very promising.

-Rogenti nurseries, a “Gentiana” grower, announced that the production of “Blue Sky” will reduce the upcoming weeks. There will be regular supplies but less than last weeks.

-Dutch “Phlox” season is at full speed now. Jaaz Flowers B.V. receives plenty of sorts and striking colours directly from suppliers, as can be seen in our web shop!

Please check our web shop for detailed information on prices, supplies and offers! 

This was all for this week, remember to check our web shop for our wide ranged assortment and sharp offers, Kind regards,

Jaaz Flowers & Plants B.V. Buying Team.
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