Newsletter 2015-30

Supplies reduce a little here and there which has its influence on prices. Some products already lost their base price. We weren’t really affected by the Calais issues and hope this stays that way.

This week we’d like to highlight the following; 

- We’re happy to inform you of two new “ Celosia” varieties, which are “ Red Flame” and bronzy “Miss-C”. These will be available from next week onwards.

- We’re running out of “Maya” Waxflower, fortunately we increasingly receive “Ofir”.

-An update concerning “Greens”; the sorts “Gunni”and “Nicholy” are produced more and more, there’s plenty “Cinerea” except for the shorter lengths and “Salal Tips” suffers from its young crop causing less of a quality as usual. Due to the warm weather “Baby Blue” is very soft and of poor quality.

-Please keep a sharp look at our web shop as we expect to introduce lots of new Rose varieties the upcoming period.

This was all for this week, remember to check our web shop for our wide ranged assortment and sharp offers, Kind regards,

Jaaz Flowers & Plants B.V. Buying Team.
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