Newsletter 2015-27

Regarding the supplies of greenhouse flowers it was an ordinary June week. Outdoor growers clearly suffered more from bad weather conditions; together with large demands from East of Europe this influenced prices. Some flowers were very expensive.

This week we’d like to pay attention to the following;

-“Lathyrus” are available in all colours. This true wedding flower is very popular now which puts pressure on its prices.

-A working visit to various summer flower growers in Tholen (Zeeland, Holland) learned that they’re also searching for innovations. Now they’re cultivating outdoor or in plastic tunnels. “Welgelegen” nurseries is mainly specialised in exclusive products such as “Cynara , Centauria, Angelica, Chenopodium (Quinoa) and Alcea ( Hollyhocks) , besides the more particular varieties such as “Peonies, Campanula heads, Poppy seed and Thistles”, and later on the” Physalis” . Due to the small scale production these products remain exclusive. “Van Zetten”nurseries however has larger product groups. His main products are “Alchemilla and Lysimachia” at the moment. He usually starts off at springtime with “Viburnum” to end with “Sedem, Physalis”and “Hypericum” in autumn. Thanks to his focus on a few main products he’s able to supply larger amounts. A few pictures enclosed show the work of these inspired growers.

-After a shortage period the production of “Cinerea” from Italy slowly comes into motion. Short lengths are still hard to get. And “Nicoly and Populus” will need two more weeks before production reaches a normal level again.

-“Astilbe” clearly shows the course of the season. Light pink “Europe” is less available but dark pink “Erika” will be in production from this week onwards, just as the other dark varieties which are plenty available already.

-Due to bad weather conditions for the time of year some outdoor flowers were limited available, the crop was simply too wet to cut. Brighter days are ahead however, which will bring us fine quality outdoor flowers again.

-Also available in Pink and White is the Dutch “Gyps”, of very strong outdoor quality.

Please check out our web shop regularly for current stock, prices and offers.

Wishing you fine sales and till next week. 

Jaaz Flowers & Plants B.V. Buying Team.
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