Newsletter 2015-26

Continuous large supplies and many flowers are sold for interesting prices.

This week we’d like to pay attention to the following;

-“Delphinium Elatum” is one of the most exclusive summer flowers. The production period of these flowers lies between 15 April-15 November, as we learned during our working visit at Wichert nurseries. They specialized in breeding Delphinium Elatum especially for flower cut production. Planting material comes from bedding plants cultivated from own cuttings or tissue culture and part of their premises is used for breeding and innovation. All of their own breed varieties start with the name “DEWI”. These Dewi Delphiniums are not only very pretty but also have an outstanding vase life. As soils degrade when Delphiniums are cultivated years on a row and Delphiniums weaken also, they were forced to cultivate off the ground. Resulting in an innovating cultivation system which meets the standards of the current and future environmental and cultivation requirements. A small impression of this visit is shown in pictures enclosed.

-As the “Allium” season is well on its way, these flowers are supplied more mature now.

-Summer time marks the departure of typical spring flowers such as Aquilegia, Polygonatum, Dicentra and spring shrubs.

-This upcoming week the Dutch growers will start with supplying Phloxes. The crop looks strong and many pretty colours and sorts are on their way!

-A beautiful bouquet filler is the “Alchemilla”. Tunnel cultivation improved quality and van Zetten’s Alchemilla have never been stronger! Van Zetten supplies us directly, for years now, and we can offer them at sharp prices, please have a look at the photos in this collage for an impression.

-Please check our web shop regularly for current prices, stock and offers!

So far for this week, wishing you fine sales and till next week,

Jaaz Flowers & Plants B.V. Buying Team.
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