Newsletter 2015-25

The beautiful weather still brings us not only plenty supplies but also excellent quality flowers. Prices are very convenient for good sales.

This week we’d like to pay attention to the following;

- The idle times in the production of “Anemones” are caused by the high temperatures. These are hard to get now since the season has come to an end also. It will probably last until the end of summer.

-Ever since the rainy season started in Kenya the weather conditions turned against the flowers cultivated in this African country. “Roses” are not only limited available but also of poor quality. This is also the case for “Veronica’s” imported by Florius. Especially the pink colours suffer from quality problems. The importer already warned us that supplies of pink and other colours will be limited these coming weeks.

-“Dutch Scabies” was very wanted these last few weeks. These are available in various colours now, not only the dark blue “Steafa” but also the white and lavender colours are supplied now. At the moment only in short lengths of about 50cm. but longer lengths are surely expected.

-Dutch “Molucella’s” are in full production now, plenty supplies of all lengths are expected these upcoming weeks.

-Supplies of “Exotics” from Spain and Portugal are diminishing. This explains why only short lengths are available. The “Exotic “season in South Africa will only start mid-July so various sorts of exotics will be less or not available these upcoming weeks.

-Last week “The Dutch Lilly Days” were held and as every year the bulb growers and breeders exhibit their newest Lilly cultivars. Global nurseries and buyers gather here to collect the prettiest sorts for the upcoming years. Some pictures are enclosed to give you an impression.

-Please check our web shop regularly for an updated view on supplies, prices and offers.

So far for this week, wishing you fine sales and till next week!

Jaaz Flowers & Plants B.V. Buying Team.
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