Newsletter 2015-23

Plenty supplies on auction during this week, mainly because of the auction closure last Monday. Tuesday was therefore a very long auction day; lots of flowers pressure the prices down and keep the assortment large.

This week we’d like to pay attention to the following;

-Spring is the ultimate moment for crop change. Various “Gerbera” growers have started changing crop so many varieties are no longer available. This will continue for a few weeks until the end of August when new sorts will be available. Information about substitute colours and sorts can be obtained at your buyer.

-Available again from now on; double flowered” Asters”, also known as “Astee” from Zomervlinder Nurseries. Striking are the small flowered “Baby” sorts, as can be seen on pictures enclosed.

-“Rubes” (Blackberries) are also on auction again, these pretty berries reach a deep red colour already.

-Steady Spring weather conditions make many summer flowers slowly reach production. And in fine shape and quality. For instance; “Allium, Achillea, Amaranthus, Aconithum, Astrantia, Asclepia, Nigella, Origanum, Salvia, Astilbe, Lysimachia, Saponaria, Campanula, Dianthus, Leucothemum, Centaurea, Lupine, Peonies etc”. These upcoming weeks many more will follow, in bright spring colours. In short; plenty choices to create magnificent summer field bouquets! Rewarding to check out the web shop daily to see what’s for sale.

-From now to 4 weeks on only “white Lilacs” will be available in limited amounts, so prices are expected to be pressured up by this.

So far for this week, wishing you good sales and till next week,

Jaaz Flowers & Plants B.V. Buying Team.

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