Newsletter 2015-16

Last week was characterised by increasing supplies and stable prices. The beautiful appropriate flower sales weather in Europe gave fine results. For this Tuesday double auction supplies are expected because the auction will be closed on King’s Day; Monday 27th April. Also a rising demand for short length flowers is expected this upcoming week because of the May 1st celebrations.

This week we’d like to pay attention to the following;
- “Echeveria” is a succulent in various forms. Nowadays these flowers are cut in different sizes and supplied in trendy packaging called Wincx Mix. Jaaz Flowers & Plants B.V. entered into collaboration with Winco Nurseries, you’ll not only find these in the ordering list but also as a small selection on our webshop.
-These upcoming 2 to 3 weeks there will be no “Cocculus” available from Israel. These decorative plants are blooming at the moment and leaves are too delicate then but we’ll keep you updated via the newsletters when these greens are expected again.
-“Fioretti Lavender”and “Fioretti Blue White” Eustoma are available again. This lovely small flowered Lisianthus is a welcome addition to the assortment and will not only be in stock but also on the ordering list.
- “Tulip”season is reaching the end, the assortment’s decreasing so not all colours and sorts are available. There are some outdoor Tulips but not for long. And the mixed on colour Tulips have too few colours left to create an acceptable mix. The traditional mixed Tulips are still available.
-Quality of gross “Pittosporum Ilan” has improved to such an extent that these are plenty available again and practically daily supplied.
-Pretty white “Waxflower” is hardly ever found these days. Quality of these flowers from Israel is poor and other supplying areas are not producing yet. This will probably last for some weeks.
-Seasonal products are taking the market by storm. For instance the first Dutch hanging “Amaranthus”, the Aquilegia, Alchemilla, Ajania, Astilbe, Dahlia, Callistephus, Dianthus,Eupathorium, Green Trick are seen on auction more and more every day.
-Please remember to check our webshop regularly for the current offers, stock and prices.
So far for this week, wishing you good sales and till next week,

Jaaz Flowers & Plants B.V. Buying Team.
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