Newsletter 2015-15

Supplies clearly show us the influences of springtime. Many products are in full production and we complement our assortment daily with spring products. Especially the Dutch supplies increased and prices remained reasonable which stimulates sales throughout Europe.
This week we’d like to pay attention to the following;
-The flower season’s ending for Italy and the South of France. Local temperatures rise rapidly which causes poor quality. Therefore we’ll have less in stock of “Anemones and Ranunculus” from Italy and France.
-Warm weather in South Europe also has its advantages. Erik Overtoom started this week with Spanish “Helianthus”. The first “Vincent Choices” reached only 60cm but from Monday onwards up to 80cm is expected. From the first week of May onwards good old “Sunrich Orange” reaches production with lengths of 60 and 80 cm. Overtoom’s nursery contains 20hect. Flowers are cut in Spain and bunched only after arrival in Holland, which is beneficial to quality. Enclosed pictures will give you an impression of this nursery.
-“Daffodil’s” season, especially for the regular ones, came to an end. Few varieties of Leenen nurseries are limited available but only for about 2 weeks.
-Dutch “Statice” is in full production now. These flowers meet high quality standards at the moment and we’re happy to receive them direct from our supplier from next week onwards. Import “Statice” is also available but not comparable with our local ones.
-“Peony” production is slowly picking up speed. Not only the South European ones but also the first Dutch peony’s are available. We can add sorts and colours by the day so please check our webshop regularly for our current offers.
-An exclusive offer next week; only at Jaaz Flowers & Plants B.V.; young crop “Heaven” at a ridiculous sharp price! So remember to check the webshop!
-A beautiful outdoor shrub is “Exochorda”. This lovely single flowered white shrub is available from next week onwards. As the flowering period only lasts a few weeks we’ll only have them in 60 and 80 cm for a short amount of weeks.
-Large flowered “Globe Master Alliums” arrived from Spain these last weeks, but production came to an end to be continued by Dutch Globe Masters from the middle of May onwards. Until then only the smaller varieties will be available.
-On our national King’s Day, Monday 27th April, auction and Jaaz Flowers & Plants B.V. will be closed; something to take into account when buying for that day or week.

Kind regards,

Jaaz Flowers & Plants B.V. Buying Team.
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