Newsletter 2015-13

Easter week shows a varying picture on auctions. Earlier this week we noticed enough trading with high prices, but towards the end of this week sales reduced due to closed shops at Good Friday and bank holiday on Easter Monday.

This week we’d like to pay attention to the following;

-Israelian Waxflower season’s slowly ending. Most sorts no longer meet the quality standards, luckily we’re expecting the first Purple Wax from Peru next week. Supplies from this South American country will continue until August, with increasing additions of various colours.

-Quality of Italian Ginster is getting poor, due to decreasing supplies they’re limited available.

-From 1 April onwards summer prices are used for “garden roses” which makes it more expensive. Especially the Alexandra farms and David Austin roses will become scarce towards the summer due to the wedding season, please keep this in mind and order early enough! -The first Curcuma’s are back. Especially the Cerise ones are supplied mostly, other colours are still limited but this will increase these upcoming weeks.

-Italian growers are now cutting their last old crop of soft Ruskus, when finished they will change to young crop which will be more expensive.

-An expansion in the Carnation assortment. From next week onwards Jaaz Flowers B.V. will receive carnations straight from EMF Valstar nurseries. This is a 30 hect Ethiopian farm. Carnations will be supplied with 80 stems a bucket at a sharp price. A fitting addition to our colours and varieties in our assortment as you can see in the folder attached.

-This week 2 of our buyers were invited to Portugal by Jaaz Flowers Import where they visited a Protea and Nutance farm. Before these were grown only in South Africa but nowadays in Portugal also. During this two-days trip they noticed the same quality as in South Africa which can be seen on pictures enclosed.

-Monday 6 April auctions are closed. Jaaz Flowers B.V. will also be closed because of Easter Monday. Tuesday the 7 th however we’ll gladly be at your service again! So far for this week, wishing you good business and Happy Easter. 

Kind regards,

Jaaz Flowers & Plants B.V. Buying Team.
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