Newsletter 2015-12

Heading towards Easter the assortment grows day by day. Various sorts of flowers can be obtained for this spring feast; especially the bulb flowers are popular and plenty available. Seasonal growers of summer flowers however are gradually increasing production. So check out the web shop regularly for our current stock and prices.

This week we’d like to pay attention to the following;

-The first Dutch “Trachelium” of Bram Prins are back again. This ideal summer flower is yet limited available in colours as blue, purple and white. Supplies however will increase these upcoming weeks.

-Italian “Viburnum Marco” ’s season has ended. Flowers are done blooming and we await the Viburnum berries now.

-We received notice that “de Landscheiding” Chrysanthemums nurseries reached production again. They are specialised in small flowered “Santini Calimero” and all colours are plenty available.

-Dutch Rose grower Semp stopped supplying “Sprayrose Red Sensation”, a similar substitute would be “Rubicon”.

-Season’s started for Dutch “Asters”. Zijdezicht nurseries will begin next week with dark blue “Caitlyn”, to be followed 2 weeks later with “Cassandra, Linda, Cassy and Claudia”. Last but not least, small flowered white “Monte Cassino” will reach production, which remains available until November.

-An expansion in the “Alstroemeria” assortment with a novelty called “Estee”, a true salmon colour. After a period of testing this variety is in full production now and plenty available.

-Slowly the Dutch “Statice” growers are reaching production, amounts are still limited but the whole assortment of colours is available.

-This time of year is typical for “Viburnum Snowball”. These fresh green decorative flowers are plenty available now. Many seasonal growers are producing now which makes prices attractive, so check out our web shop regularly for current offers and availability.

So far for this week, wishing you profitable sales, until next week,

Kind regards,

Jaaz Flowers & Plants B.V. Buying Team.

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