Newsletter 2015-11

All’s back to normal after a busy week, sales for Mother’s Day in England were nice and prices returned to normal levels. Easter is already pushing prices for related products and colours.

This week we’d like to highlight the following;

-Season has ended for “Leucadendron Goldstrike”. There’s no suitable substitute for this green decoration product. We now await another green Leucadendron “Kameleon”, these are expected to be available towards summer.

- Disbud “Yarada Chrysanthemum” were put on auction for the last time, these will not be supplied for some time.

-“Campanula” season has started. Various Dutch nurseries started their production last week. This lovely summer flower is available in the colours white, blue, pink and lavender. Not all growers supply up to 70 cm. yet but they should in a few weeks time.

-You can notice spring in the South of Europe by their product assortment . Not only blooming shrubs but also herbs like Lavender and Salvia have reached production.

-Available from now on; painted “Phalaenopsis”. These need to be ordered one day in advance. These stems are coloured straight from the plant and need at least one day to gain colour. We use day -and week prices which are based on prices for untreated white Phalaenopsis.

-Sad news; after 17 years of “Passion” this rose with the same name will be put on auction for the last time this Monday,23 of March. Passion was cultivated on 100 ha in Holland, supplying over 1.756.429.602 stems for Flora Holland Auction. Marjoland Nurseries, the last one who grow this this rose, will replace this variety with Red Naomi.

-“Zantedeschia” season’s picking up speed. One of the better growers , Ary de Jong, has also started. He has a large assortment in many colours. For now the following sorts are available; Red Alert, Mango, Florex Gold, Bolero and Indian Summer.

-Spring is a launch for many season products so check out the webshop regularly for novelties but also for our current stock , availability and prices!

So far for this week, wishing you fine business and till next week!

Kind regards,

Jaaz Flowers & Plants B.V. Buying Team.
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