Newsletter 2015-09

It’s the first week of March and spring is in the air! Many Dutch growers are slowly starting their production. The business of International Women’s Day is over and now we’re preparing ourselves for the next holiday; Mother’s Day in the U.K. Preparations are at full speed for this week although prices are still a bit high on auctions.

This week we’d like to pay attention to the following;

-The first Dutch “Hydrangea” were put on auction last week. Quality‘s improving by the day and every day new sorts and colours are added to the assortment. These first cuts are popular which makes them expensive.

-Last week we mentioned the nearing end of season for gross “Pittosporum” from Israel. It will be even sooner as expected. Amounts are reducing although we’re trying to push our suppliers, so amounts ordered on your ordering form can‘t be guaranteed. Thereby we’ve noticed some leaf fall; when it gets worse we’ll be forced to stop delivering.

-Feiko Sonneveld ‘s “Celosia” nurseries will start with extra quality “Celosia”from next week onwards. A firm start with 4 sorts; “ Dara, Rima, Zara and Inca”. A promising harvest and production will increase slowly the next weeks. Feiko hopes to produce his Celosia until November.

-Fine “Pittosporum” from Italy is temporarily not available. Due to a change of crop only young crop is available which is too weak to cut. This will take a few weeks to improve but we’ll keep you informed!

-These last few weeks some ”Astilbe” were available from Portugal, but slowly the Dutch nurseries are in production and from next week onwards the varieties “Washington” and light pink “Europe” will hit the market, soon to be followed by other sorts.

-A true spring flower is “Myosotis”. There’s plenty of these tiny sweet flowers of various growers.

-About “Orchids”we can inform you that “ Vanda” is not only available per 25 or 16, but also per 12 in a box. This will be indicated on the ordering form and webshop.

-Please remember to check our webshop for our current stock, prices and offers!

So far for this week , wishing you good business and till next week,

Kind regards, 

Jaaz Flowers & Plants B.V. Buying Team.
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