Newsletter 2015-08

This last week in February is all about sales for International Women’s Day. It’s nice and busy at Jaaz Flowers B.V.! Many flowers were traded on an active market, focused on Eastern Europe and Russia, whereby Tulips were preferable.

This week we’d like to highlight the following; 

-This winter some parts of Israel suffered from extreme weather conditions. Frost, snow and even storm caused a great deal of damage and were harmful to crops in many regions. Especially large nurseries of “Phlox” were seriously affected, with most of the crop damaged, resulting in low to zero production for the upcoming weeks. Growers able to supply deliver poor quality. This explains the limited auction supplies and high prices. According to our representative these problems will continue a few weeks.

-Due to International Women’s Day we have numerous supplies of Tulips in almost all sorts and varieties, in particular extra strong quality. Despite of plenty supplies, prices are still reasonable and lots can be bought for small prices so remember to check our webs hop for current information on prices, stock and offers.

-Firm “Pittosporum” season’s almost over. These upcoming 2 weeks we’ll receive sufficient supplies but after that quality’s about to become poor due to a change of crop, which will make importers decide to stop importing this product and hardly any will be available.

-International Women’s Day is not well known in our regions but all the more in Eastern Europe and Russia, but what does it imply? A short explanation; on 8 March 1908 the first female strike took place in New York, against the poor working conditions in textile industries. The women stated the poetic demand; “Bread and Roses”. International Women’s Day focuses on solidarity and assertiveness the world over. In the 20th Century this day, 8 March, is about defending women’s rights in labour and their right to vote. When on 8 March 1917 a female strike took place in St Petersburg Russia against the poor working conditions in textile industries there, the International Women Secretariat of the Communist International announced this day in 1921 to be known officially as International Women’s Day. To celebrate this day every man gives flowers to women they know, and the last few years this gains popularity in the west.

So far for this week, wishing you good sales and till next week,

Kind regards, 

Jaaz Flowers & Plants B.V. Buying Team.
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