Newsletter 2015-07

After the good sales of Valentine’s Day preparations for International Woman’s Day, 8 March, are at full speed. Auctions certainly notice the increasing demands for related products.

This week we’d like to pay attention to the following;

-Aralia leaf is limited available. Italian production of this decoration green stopped and Costa Rica’s only just begun. However not enough to meet the demands.

-From this week onwards we’ll have plenty Italian Ranunculus. Weather has improved which is to the benefit of quality and production. We’re receiving top quality straight from Del Golfo, in almost all colours. An expected increase of amounts will have its effect on prices.

-While visiting importer Florius Flowers we learned that they receive their airfreight daily from Kenya. Hypericum and Veronica arrive 7 days a week. After processing flowers remain on water for one day for straightening, only to be put freshly on auction the next day. Much time is spent on inventing new and better sorts and colours, not only for Veronica’s but also for Hypericum. For example the Coco series.

-Due to large variations of exchange rates and weakening of the euro in these last weeks, some suppliers were forced to raise their prices. This concerns Pittosporum (up with 2 cents each) and gross Ruscus(up with 1 cent each) . Also Gyps from our regular supplier Tropical Acres went up with 1 cent.

-International Woman’s Day will have its effect on prices. Import roses are expected to become expensive. Price differences between extra quality Tulips and less quality Tulips will decrease which is likely to happen to other products as well.

-Flower production of Spain and Portugal is increasing. More and more Dutch summer flower growers decide to experiment in south European countries, in order to supply ahead of the Dutch local production. Which means we have limited amounts of Spanish Astilbe now and Calla’s. Allium was one of the first products grown in this region and is available in the varieties Gladiator and Mount Everest. Most growers only do the cutting abroad, processing and bunching is done in Holland, this method ensures fine reliable quality.

So far for this week, wishing you good sales,

Kind regards, 

Jaaz Flowers & Plants B.V. Buying Team.

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