In our company we are working together to arrange everything as quikly and efficiently as possible for our customers. Our byers are the eyes and the ears of our customers. They know what's going on, what the trends are and how the ornamental market operates.
Because the lines of our business are short, we can quikly and flexibly live up to special needs of our customers.

  • Professional managers
  • Modern internetorder system
  • Large association of byers at the auctions in Holland
  • 4 levels of quality control of the bought and sent production
  • 100% performance of order, the assortment and the quality
  • Possibility to establish “stop price”
  • Packing, marking and the sending
  • Transport and customs services
  • Sending into the regions of Russia (Inco-term DDP)
  • Representation in Moscow
  • Possibility to agreement with the Russian company
  • Documents turnover
  • The payment in rubles to the bank account
  • Invitation into Holland to the auction, with the visit of the gardeners of Holland, Denmark, Belgium…..

Using the website

Do you want your customers to order online too? That’s certainly possible, simply use Jaaz Flowers & Plants B.V. webshop. Your customers can take a direct look at our stock and place orders. It is even possible to use your name and logo to transform the site with your own characteristic style.

Minimal risk for you, optimal service for your customers!

Remote Buying (KOA)

Join in with the bidding on a deep and wide range of plants and flowers at FloraHolland Aalsmeer, Bleiswijk, Eelde, Naaldwijk and Rijnsburg from your own desktop or laptop. Whether you are in the Netherlands or abroad, Remote Buying (KOA) makes it possible!